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I'm a software developer looking to help others become better at what they do. Most of my experience is with back end Python + Java, as well as Git and Linux. I enjoy working with virtualization + Docker. I'm also happy to do training and walkthroughs of technology for folks.
No icon Linux - 6 years experience
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
Python expert help Python - 2 years experience
No icon Webserver - 3 years experience
Java expert help Java - 3 years experience
Sql expert help SQL - 2 years experience
No icon Jenkins - 1 year experience
No icon Golang - 3 years experience
roper 11   0
A Yum repo manager for developers
Go HTML Makefile
filesystem 1   1
A simple filesystem interface in Go
Go Makefile
fsnotify 0   0
File system notifications for Go.
lets_bowl 0   0
Python Makefile
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Andrew is a great mentor
Geoffrey Aug 19, 2015

Thank you very much Andrew for your help again
Geoffrey Aug 18, 2015

Andrew is a great mentor, very happy with results
Geoffrey Aug 05, 2015

Andrew helped resolve a python problem
Geoffrey Nov 19, 2014

Great help from Andrew to build a system in Python for an APP
Geoffrey Nov 18, 2014

Andrew is awesome and helped me call and pull data into a web application
Geoffrey Nov 17, 2014

Great help from Andrew working with data in an APP
Geoffrey Nov 12, 2014

Great work from Andrew, helping build an APP
Geoffrey Nov 11, 2014

Great help from Andrew working with a database and web page
Geoffrey Nov 10, 2014

Great help from Andrew with retrieval of App
Geoffrey Nov 07, 2014

Great help from Andrew building App
Geoffrey Nov 06, 2014

Great help from Andrew again solving APP problem
Geoffrey Nov 05, 2014

Great help from Andrew solving a python project
Geoffrey Nov 04, 2014

Andrew helped a lot building Api with Flask, I will use him again
Geoffrey Nov 03, 2014

Andrew helped testing web applications and helped alot
Geoffrey Nov 01, 2014

Great help from Andrew building blogs
Geoffrey Oct 31, 2014

Andrew helped a lot building blogs
Geoffrey Oct 30, 2014

Andrew helped alot again on Heroku
Geoffrey Oct 29, 2014

Great help from Andrew re SQLalchemy
Geoffrey Oct 28, 2014

Andrew was awesome re SQL
Geoffrey Oct 22, 2014

Great help with Andrew on SQLAlchemy
Geoffrey Oct 17, 2014

Great work by Andrew with psycopg2
Geoffrey Oct 16, 2014

Andrew is great teacher
Geoffrey Oct 15, 2014

Andrew is a great teacher of SQlite
Geoffrey Oct 10, 2014

Andrew is a wonderful mentor, I would recommend him very much
Geoffrey Oct 08, 2014

Andrew is an excellent teacher of Python, Git
Geoffrey Oct 03, 2014

Very kind. Helped me shape my problem and to choose another path.
Kyle Sep 26, 2014

Great work again with Andrew, helped me further with Python question
Geoffrey Sep 26, 2014

Andrew Lapidas. did an excellent job explaining and helping me with Python project
Geoffrey Sep 25, 2014

got some quick help for an urgent problem ... a good combination of helping me fix the problem and teaching me a few things along the way.
Ben Thole Sep 22, 2014

very straightforward; as well as time efficient
Rome Menzine Sep 03, 2014

My third session with Andrew. I appreciate his depth of knowledge
Marjorie Roswell Aug 27, 2014

friendly, took the time to properly understand what was involved without rushing into things in an impulsive manner
Alex Marshall Aug 25, 2014

He was open, honest and upfront about his lack of experience in the software I was using (Discourse) but had experiences in the areas that I was having trouble with (specifically docker and SSL certs) and was able to help me fix the problem. He was friendly and encouraging, and even provided me some hints and tips on getting the most out of using the terminal. Two thumbs up.
DanielHollands Aug 23, 2014

Andrew is terrific. My call was about docker, which was new to me. He seamlessly was able to communicate concepts, troubleshoot issues, and identify solutions. I'll happily work with him again.
Marjorie Roswell Aug 20, 2014