How I Learned Git In Three Days

Published Dec 07, 2017
How I Learned Git In Three Days

About me

My Name is Shedrack Akintayo, and I'm a front-end Software Developer and open source lover.

I come from a family of non-techies and I learned programming by saving up money to go to a cyber cafe to use the internet before I got a laptop. I watched Youtube videos and Google is my best friend!

Why I wanted to learn Git

I learned Git because it makes automating my work flow easier. I love open source work, so Git was a faster way to push, pull, and commit.

How I approached learning Git

I actually learned by doing more practical actions than watching videos. I looked up Git's official documentation on Google (like I said, Google is my best friend).

After reading the documentation, I would try out each instruction. It was really engaging. Git was really difficult to learn because the documentation wasn't easy to understand for a beginner.

Challenges I faced


The most difficult part of this learning process was that every time I committed, I would have to push before it got to GitHub and I'd have to type my username and password over and over again.

It was a little bit frustrating. It would have been easier if I didn't have to do that all the time.

Key takeaways

While learning Git, I learned that desire, consistency, and passion are the key concepts to faster learning. I was a pro at Git within three days.

Tips and advice


My advice for all devs trying to learn Git is: once you make up your mind that you want to learn Git, you must learn Git, be consistent while learning.

Don't ever take a day off unless you have understood at least one key thing. Practical sessions are the best way to learn, they're better than watching videos for endless hours without practicing.

Finally, always get up from your desk for a few minutes to stretch and drink water. Remember, fitness is key.

Final thoughts and next steps

My overall thought about the learning process was that it was not really easy at first, but with time, everything seemed easy.

I will keep practicing my Git skills and, at the same time, encourage people to learn any version control software.

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