Crack Angular 2 Interview, Create Web Application

Published Aug 07, 2017
Crack Angular 2 Interview, Create Web Application

We are going to create a complete Angular 4 web application and also add Continuous Integration with CircleCI. I assume you have prior basic knowledge of HTML-CSS, JavaScript and Angular 2.

Well it all started with me when I applied for Backbase frontend developer position online. I admire their work culture and technologies for building Banking applications. I got this email. "Backbase // Frontend Assignment"

The email states only that you have to finish the assignment in 24hrs, does not state what and how you have to build. So Im going to assume that I can use any framework of my choice, since there was no point of contact to ask questions since I had very little time to finish the assignment.

This is the assignment, just a single JPG image of the app, a preview. And required assets, please note the icons given are not transparent as shown in the preview image, but Im going to quickly clean them up using Photoshop.

Mainly we are going to divide our app into many tiny components and combine them into 1 single web application:

  1. app-root (default component when you scafold the application via angular-cli, which will contain all our components inside)

  2. heading

  3. make-transfer component (which is going to be just a dummy component cause you cant really make an online transfer, you need API's like stripe or some dummy API's which will take much more time, I'm sure some of you can give it a try and post here in comments, I will try my best to help you all.)

  4. recent-transactions component
    4.a. transactions-row component
    4.b. search-filters component


Now please head-over to to watch me write the entire code and finish the assignment.

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