When the Dev..Ops bridge is missing Culture.

Published Oct 11, 2017
When the Dev..Ops bridge is missing Culture.

Let’ me say something that seem to be not repeated enough, Devops is a framework of ideas that bring your compagny to outperform and hit the greatness level. it's clear that the devops has no manifest instead of ITIL and agile, which is a good thing actually that give you freedom to reuse the best practice that you feel it to be kept. and here's the devil. as soon as some IT deciders know this, you're done, why because we are humain beings, change reluctance is in our ADN, just beside the "staying in the comfort zone" genome

The straightforward answer to the title question is simple : « the sad observation is that compagnies are trying hardly to stretch devops to fit their standards and organisation old process », since the devops is not one-size-fits-all approach, the hard reality is that companies struggle and hit the realty wall, after putting hard efforts and ressource to install software, paying licences and training of course but at the end, no significant time to market decrement can be touched, even worst the TTM can increase in some case because IT concern is now more about tools. As a result dev and ops get lost between the old way and the new one to code and deliver; so compagnies give up and says devops is for small (start up ) only not for the rest. Indeed it works much better in start ups because they play the game and they involve their team and their management into it, they don’t have fears to change and challenge the existing strategies and processs. They break the wall, silos and rules to focus on compagny value and not on tribal territory gain or war of power between teams.

So in order to make it happen, devops needs to be seen like an investment, i mean humain investment, not only tools and licences.

What really leads to a great software is the IT and what defines the IT ADN is people - first, management that deliver process, based on experience, school, feed back, "what the others do" and finally a strategy. Yes am talking about a serious IT that takes time to build a strategy, a vision shared with all employees.

In order to get the most of devops and reach the good level, even great one, examples are here it isn't a myth (netflix and the other … ). You need to start thinking your IT from scratch like a new born company, this isn’t an easy task, worst this could takes you years depending on the company size, specialy if you have a legacy infrastructure and legacy no written down process, but exists only in peoples mind. After all that you’ll be satisfied and the ROI will be met.

Compagny that put devops as a target early around 2012, are now able to follow the IT tech world changes, without fears from migration impact or migration cost or any of what the migration terms can raises as big challenge.

Hope this paper inspire you to follow the right devops mindset.

Waiting for your feed back, please leave a comment.

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