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Reinaldo Aguiar

Reinaldo Aguiar

I am not taking new clients due to Codementor's refusal to pay me for work performed for their clients.

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Reinaldo gave concrete and insightful advice on a very difficult decision. I am grateful to have had the chance to talk to him.
Shira Jul 21, 2016

Reinaldo was very helpful in explaining his solution and provided a clear explanation of the steps necessary to take towards implementation.
Max Nelson Jul 02, 2016

Very helpful! While reviewing my code, he provided clear feedback explaining how it could be improved, as well as advice regarding how to approach building apps in the future.
Michael Jun 06, 2016

Reinaldo is an excellent mentor, understanding my needs immediately, taking initiative to explain best practices, and walking me through concepts step by step.
Derek May 28, 2016

Gave great help!
Durga V Apr 29, 2016

Very knowledgable, easy to work with. He is a great mentor to bounce ideas off. 100% recommended.
Juan Alvarez Apr 26, 2016

Wow, this mentor was a fountain of knowledge. The solutions he suggested were simple, yet scalable. Changed my whole way of thinking about the problem for the better!
Thomas Vincent Apr 23, 2016

A true expert on Python and its conventions
William Driscoll Apr 22, 2016

Extremely knowledgable on mapreduce and data in general
William Driscoll Apr 20, 2016

good start
William Driscoll Apr 20, 2016

Mentor is very talented with all the information up to date.
Mayooran Nava Feb 29, 2016

Another excellent Session with Reinaldo. Provided excellent high-level suggestions and truly knows his stuff. Excellent communicator and I hope to work with him again. Thanks Reinaldo!
BJ Feb 04, 2016

Very smart and very helpful!
Emmanuel Jones Feb 03, 2016

Super nice, always pleasure to work with him :)
daniel Feb 01, 2016

Again agin, super nice guy to work with! :)
daniel Feb 01, 2016

Great mentor Provides insights and ideas on how to best develop their work.
Paul Jan 31, 2016

Super friendly guy, and supportive! He deffenently knows what hes doing ,and i would suggest him for anyone ! :) Regards Daniel :)
daniel Jan 31, 2016

Gave me some helpful tips and insider advice. Very very knowledgeable. I recommend him!
Lily K Jan 31, 2016

Very helpful and knowledgable!
Brenden Jan 30, 2016

Reinaldo is undeniably brilliant and knows his stuff. Offered excellent advice, communicates very well, and I hope to consult with him again -- Thanks Reinaldo!
BJ Jan 29, 2016

Very Smart mentor!! he understood what I needed fast and gave me multiple options to try and explore. Thank you so much!! I definitely will come back again !
Shahaleel Jan 26, 2016

Very knowledgable, big data analysis explained very simply, looking forward to working with again
Arjun Jan 26, 2016

Helpful- Knowledgable- straight to work- solved the issue.
Timothy Lombard Jan 25, 2016

He was really helpful and made himself available on the same day which was really great.
Allie Jones Jan 25, 2016

Excellent mentor! Cut right to the heart of the issue and solved very quickly. I would love to work with him again.
Craig Smith Jan 23, 2016

Thank you so much, again!!!
AK Jan 23, 2016

Thank you so much for your help! This offline help was so generous of you, I could not be more grateful. Reinaldo's technical skills are out of this world!!
AK Jan 23, 2016

That was very helpful session. It saved me bunch of time trying do optimize my code.
Marcin Trofimiuk Jan 21, 2016

Very kind & patient person, not to mention a skilled programmer. Thank you for helping me with my work and taking up my request for help on an obscure application that's new to you. I'm so sorry there were so many technical difficulties on my part! We have not finished solving the issue due to time, but he is being very flexible with me and is making time again for me. Very thankful!
AK Jan 20, 2016

If you need expert technical guidance & advice like I did then this is your guy.
Todd S. Jan 17, 2016

He was bang on what we needed. So thankful to have spoken with him.
Jeremy Stanton Jan 08, 2016

Reinaldo is an expert in search domain. He knows it inside out. You won't be wrong to consult him.
Matt Naggar Jul 09, 2015

Mehn , if u are looking for any mentor in web programming i repeat reinaldo is the God of Web programming...my second session with him in a day...hope to work with him in the fututre...thanks reinaldo...what a genius
Muhammed Jul 03, 2015

my first mentor ever....he is the best choice ... my project was solved reeal quick.....trust me u will never see any better mentor than him....
Muhammed Jul 03, 2015

Came up with a different solution than I initially thought; need to think some more time on it, but I am sure it is a very good solution :)
Ansgar Jul 02, 2015