How and why I built A ManagementApplication

Published Jan 02, 2018
How and why I built A ManagementApplication

About me

I am a university trained engineer but delved into IT after getting fascinated about how some things work. This spurred me to getting an IT training and I settled for a Database Administration with Oracle. Then I turned self taught developer learning ORACLE APEX, PHP & MYSQL, PL/SQL,HTML, CSS and recently C++ .

The problem I wanted to solve

I figured mordern garages still use papers in filing docs best still flat files. I thought I could provide an environment where they enter their entire details of processes in the garage and get access to it anywhere and anytime. Also a place where clients can access and get updated about their vehicles repairs, payment and repair history. This was the problemMY GARAGE SOLVED

What is A ManagementApplication?

My Garage, a web based application that captures the entire process of a mechanic garage from clients demographics vehicles registration, invoice and estimates creation, payment transaction, repair details. The app also contain HRM capabilities for the purpose of the garage Administration.

Tech stack

Oracle apex, PL/SQL, SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS

The process of building A ManagementApplication

We needed to know how the garages work, so for simulation we had to visit and spend days to weeks in one of the garages. We got both methods and data, used these in building the projects.

Challenges I faced

We needed to align process of different garages so we can achieve a simulated method that would be very easy for all garages to understand irrespective of how they used to do it.

Key learnings

The project has been commercially avail especially and we have 5 mechanic garages on it.

Tips and advice

Final thoughts and next steps

We hope to get more ideas and improve as much as we can on this projects in the near future.

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