Top Senior Adaptive Developers - Dec 2017

Web Designer willing to go the extra mile

Navigating Web Design and HTML + CSS comes naturally to me. I understand the relevance of future technological direction and its impact on the design formats we use today. Just as I love Web Design, HTML and CSS, one of my passion is to share my experience and knowledge through collaboration where all participants benefit. I make sure every person I mentor takes away new, solid knowledge condusive to their fields. I mentor with simple to understand language and terminology, clear examples and honest patience. Every time you have a lesson with me, I guarantee you will level up. 🎓 My knowledge in Web Design can be found in further detail in Smashing Magazine: If you are more interested what I have to say about this realm, below are two books I have authored followed by a list of my work: "Mastering Responsive Web Design": "Web Developers Reference Guide": View my work: • Portfolio: • Dribbble: • CodePen: • Medium: "There are no dumb questions, it's just dumb not to ask." — Yours truly 👍

Responsive web design, development & MODX specialist

Responsive web design specialist, developer, MODX Ambassador, MODX Professional, speaker, blogger, ex-flair-bartender and former constructional engineer. My companies are MPThemes and Any Screen Size.

Professional WordPress Developer with extensive experience in Custom & Responsive Themes.

I'm a developer with over 10 years of professional experience in creating robust websites. I specialize in X/HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery, PHP, Mobile/Responsive, E-Commerce, and the WordPress & Wild Apricot content management systems.

Multiple languages and platforms developer: C, C++, java, python, php ad .Net Framework. Responsive web design using symfony2 and twitter bootstrap

I have developed applicactions and tools, in multiple languages and platforms like C, C++, .Net Framework, Python, Php, Java and Javascript, used in several areas like telecontrol protocols, network simulators, digital signal and image processing algorithms, electrical design tools, stand-alone applications, and web design with over five years in the field. I am a big fan of scalable and modular architectures. I am in a continuous process of learning to improve algorithms and the users experience.

Front-end developer with burning eyes

I'm middle front-end developer working for an international company based in Russia. I have 2 years experience in web-development and strong skills in: - Javascript (ES5, ES6), - Vue.js framework (v.2), Vuex, Vue-router, - jQuery, - Node.js and some of its frameworks (Express, Koa2, Sails), - Webpack, - Gulp, - HTML5/CSS3, - BEM, - Less, Sass, - Templating (Nunjucks, Pug), - GIT, - Kanban flow (Jira).

Technical Architect having experience in building Insurance Product Platform (recognised by Gartner and Celent)

Energized, motivated and keeping eye on whats best around, thats what defines Yogesh. Learning from experience and seeking information to produce revolutionary results has been his key attitude. Motivating team to perform at their best by educating them on technologies, making them aware & follow project practices (Agile/SDLC) etc are his add on skills along with solid technical skills in diverse technologies. Strategizing to build vision using his strong technical knowledge has helped Majesco(formerly Insurance division of Mastek) to build its identity in US market on cutting edge technology. He built a strong foundation for a toolkit by identifying right set of technologies and mentoring developers to build world class products which was recognized by GARTNER and xCelent. The toolkit is in use by more than 400+ developers and multiple P&C Insurance project. Yogesh is a constant learner and exploring numerous technologies/frameworks along with keeping eye on security requirements. His interest in software development ranges from building highly scalable and secure applications. He also has strong understanding of User Experience. As a leader for past 10 years including R&D department of P&C - Mastek (now known as Majesco), he ensured the technical as well as soft skills growth of the team. He has been laying out plans for the learning requirements of the team and also enabled practices to ensure overall quality. He was also cooperating with Pre-sales division to respond to RFP and assist in demo activities. Due to his involvement with UI Automation initiative, he helped to overcome challenges faced by the Automation team for Flex UI. Along with the professional contribution, he regularly contributes to the community via Personal Blog - Carbonrider - Stackoverflow - Github -

iOS Developer at Uber Health Tech

I am a Mobile Software Engineer with an interest in both graphic and software design. I enjoy learning new languages and land travels. I am currently working as a iOS Developer in Uber Health Tech where I develop for iOS during the day and dream of better developer tooling at night. Apart from my coding life, I enjoyed a lot playing RPG Games and mostly I Utilize my spare time on StackOverflow, GitHub & Codementor helping new coder to take their first steps and improving library / enhancing / bug tracking writing articles and much more

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