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Adam Overton

Adam Overton

Experienced Software Development Manager | Project Manager | Game Producer | Director Technology

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Many years of hands on technical work and software team management, followed by some years of running a more end to end business. I've done a lot of building teams to get them much more organized and operational.
Csharp expert help C# - 5 years experience
Primarily for side projects rather than professional development, I've have created some significant stuff in C# with regular .NET and in Unity3d
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 10 years experience
I have written portions of Windows, including drivers, using C++. I have used STL somewhat, but not as much. I can tell you the memory layout of a C++ object including the vtables.
C expert help C - less than 1 year experience
Really a subset of C++, a bunch of my professional software development work, primarily on Windows, used C.
No icon Windows - 15 years experience
I wrote portions of Windows in the remote desktop/terminal server area for about 5 years. I was at Microsoft for 15 years.
No icon Excel - 20 years experience
I worked on Excel 1.5 at Microsoft as part of the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) team.
No icon Debugging - 20 years experience
I've done a lot.
No icon Unity3d - 3 years experience
I do some Unity games on the side. I've built working games, but I'm not an overwhelming expert. I could help people getting started on Unity.
No icon Object orientated - 10 years experience
No icon Interviewing - 20 years experience
I have been doing interviews for years and was a "bar-raiser" at Amazon, responsible for helping other groups conduct proper interviews. In one year I did over 100 interviews (including phone screens).
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Adam is amazing. I had a daunting problem that was best resolved in VBA and he was able to walk through how it was to be created and debugged it. I watched and followed along to better understand how VBA works. The session will save my company 10 hours of work per month. Thank you!
Tiffany Sumuel Feb 13, 2016