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Adam Dorling

Adam Dorling

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Full Stack Web Developer of 6 years, Programmer of 8 years

London (+00:00)
Chinese, English
I've been a Web Developer of 6 years, working on websites in both Chinese and English. I primarily work with PHP/Laravel5, Javascript, SCSS, MySQL and HTML, as well as using gulp within my workflow. I occasionally like to dabble on codepen at http://codepen.io/Naito/ . I started teaching myself programming in 2008 at the age of 13, starting with Lua, but have since learnt and worked with C, C#, Java and Python. I primarily make my projects in C# and have participated in 3 Game Jams using XNA. I love creating things especially from scratch which is probably why I love coding, (it is perhaps my biggest hobby) but I also really enjoy helping and teaching people. I've been helping people learn programming whilst at Sixth Form and University and I'd like to think I've gotten pretty good at it, so I look forward to hopefully helping more people in the future.
53 JavaScript
21 PHP
18 jQuery
15 CSS
7 Html
6 Java
5 Python
3 Optimization
Csharp expert help C# - 5 years experience
Created a few games in 3 game jams in XNA, also dabbled around with a few Applications to assist my general computer usage
Java expert help Java - 2 years experience
Learnt Java at University, picked it up quickly due to previous experience with C#. I spent a lot of time also assisting and teaching fellow course mates and therefore have a lot of experience mentoring people in Java.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
Web Developer for 6 years. I now mainly use SCSS to write my CSS. I used to also design websites that required support of Internet Explorer 7 and so have a fairly good grasp on backwards compatability, although I do enjoy taking advantage of the more modern features of the web with CSS3 and HTML5. I enjoy experimenting on Codepen at http://codepen.io/Naito/ where I play with canvases or making Javascript-less interactive pages
Php expert help PHP - 5 years experience
Web developer with PHP for 5 years, although I now mainly use Laravel, I have used Vanilla PHP for ~4 years including situations which required manipulating data containing Chinese and English characters
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
Web Developer for 6 years. Although I used to mainly use JQuery, I have also learnt vanilla Javascript following DRY and modifying my code so it is more optimised. I enjoy experimenting occasionally on Codepen at http://codepen.io/Naito/
Jquery expert help jQuery - 6 years experience
Initially started using JQuery and used it primarily for about 4 years, have slowly been moving away from it but still have the knowledge on how to use it
Mysql expert help MySQL - 4 years experience
Experience from Web Developing for a website requiring both Chinese and English. I have a strong understanding of normalisation and database relationships.
No icon Lua - 8 years experience
Lua was my first programming language so it holds a special place in my heart. It was my go to language for several years for completing automation and completing various tasks for me.
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Awesome mentor!
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He can literally do anything. Hire him. Pay him lots.
Ross Hansen Nov 01, 2016

Always amazing, very knowledgeable and informative.
Jonathon Muszynski Oct 07, 2016

Adam's great, very thorough and knowledgeable.
Matt B Sep 30, 2016

Always outstanding!
Ross McCay Sep 30, 2016

Very nice. Very knowledgeable pleasantly surprisingly good insights beyond programming.
David Sep 24, 2016

He's amazing.
Sarah Sareh Sep 23, 2016

He's excellent! Was very clear and thorough and worked with my step-by-step to solve the problem! If you need any coding help Adam is your guy. I high recommend him and will certainly be using him in the future.
Ijaz Hussain Sep 23, 2016

Pleasure to deal with and most importantly solved the problem!
Rory Hynds Sep 19, 2016

I can not recommend Adam enough! Fantastic mentor.
Ross McCay Sep 14, 2016

Grrrrrreat guy! I just like his personality. :D And he magically knows all the time what's going wrong, even though I explain not even half.
Luca Ban Sep 10, 2016

I liked how he explained every steps
binup Sep 09, 2016

great mentor. I really recommend him.
david lasry Sep 04, 2016

Very quickly solved the problem I have been trying to fix for the past several days in under 15 minutes!!! Definitely recommend Adam, he knew what he was doing and assessed my situation before offering to help me, to make sure he would be able to.
Matthew Bernier Sep 03, 2016

He is fully knowledgeable and very good in explaining every single thing I need to know. Easy to follow and his experiences with programming is very talented. I highly recommend him to anyone from beginner programmer to advanced.
Derek Sep 02, 2016

Very good understanding of web DEV
Cordarro Sep 01, 2016

Adam is very competent and does clean work and is easy to work with
Leland Ulrich Aug 24, 2016

Hood humor. He whizzed around the code like he knew what he was doing. I'd want to work with Adam again.
Andrew Jester Aug 23, 2016

Adam's quick and extremely competent. Use him for your next programming issue!
Ross Hansen Aug 22, 2016

Adam was great! Fixed the issue in no time
Tony Vega Aug 22, 2016

Offered resources and is really helpful and thorough.
Codementor Aug 21, 2016

Adam was a pleasure to work with and very adept at sifting through and optimizing a large amount of javascript and jQuery. He is a great mentor and will help you understand ways to improve. Thank you, Adam. Looking forward to working with you again.
Amanda Aug 14, 2016

I am so glad that Adam solved the CSS issue that I was facing Thank you, Adam! He is definitely a coding genius.
Jade Aug 12, 2016

Adam is not only an intelligent programmer, but also a passionate and friendly mentor. I enjoy the sessions with him every time, and learn a lot from him. Thank you, Adam!
Jade Aug 12, 2016

I was stuck on an issue for a couple of days and Adam solved it right away in under 5 minutes!
Mike Powell Aug 10, 2016

What a wonderful session. This session helped clear up some concepts that had been confusing to me for a long time.
Damien Wright Aug 10, 2016

This guy is a true expert in web development. He is my go to guy when I face any issue with the website that I am maintaining. I highly recommend him. I always learn something great from him every session.
Jade Aug 06, 2016

As usual, great session! Adam helped me accomplish my task and went above and beyond in explaining concepts and the code to me.
Joey Allen Aug 02, 2016

Awesome! Helped me out quickly, learned a thing or two also. Thanks!
Trell West Jul 31, 2016

Adam was great! He is so friendly and simplifies the programming for you to understand it better!
Justine Jul 31, 2016

Adam has continued to provide insight, knowledge, and excellent customer service on my projects. He continues to be one of the best teachers on the site. Two thumbs up.
Jake Guss Jul 28, 2016

Adam is absolutely FANTASTIC. First and foremost, I really appreciate how he gave me a rundown of how the session would work and how Code Mentor works as well. Super helpful. Secondly, Adam has integrity. If he was working out some code on his end or thinking of how to explain something in a different way, he would pause the session. He even paused it when my phone was ringing and I had to answer it. I truly felt like he cared about teaching me and me learning something, not just trying rack up the time to get money. Third, he's genius! Really and a wonderful teacher. His knowledge of JavaScript is so vast but even cooler than his knowledge is his ability to explain things so simply and clearly. He helped me connect the dots. Fourth, he's really a nice guy and easy to work with/talk to. I would love to work with Adam again!
Joey Allen Jul 27, 2016

Adam was excellent! Not only did he fix my problem, but I learned a few things as well. Would use him again for any sized project.
Ross Hansen Jul 26, 2016

Adam knows what he's doing. He has been very helpful in my project and he is a very good source of ideas. Highly recommended
Alexander Carchidi Jul 25, 2016

I've had Adam help me in the past, and he helped me understand the trickier parts of Vue.js today. I'll use him again.
Ryan Hayden Jul 25, 2016

Great Mentor!
nick Holtan Jul 24, 2016

Wonderful experience, solved my problem very quickly. Thanks!
Jason Jul 23, 2016

Always a pleasure working with Adam
Ernesto Rivas Jul 21, 2016

Adam is fabulous. He is always kind and helpful. He is one of the best web developers I have ever seen in my career.I am sure I cannot find someone else like him and I bet on this. In a nutshell he is the best. A great resource for web development. Highly skilled, smart and intelligent. Thanks Sanjeev
Sanjeev Jul 19, 2016

My session with Adam was far beyond what I could've imagined. He was able to look at my code and explain more efficient ways of tackling the problem in ways that made complete sense. I highly recommend his as a mentor
Damien Wright Jul 18, 2016

Adam was extremely helpful - he was willing to help me frame my questions in a quick and efficient manner that let us both proceed with the session in a timely and constructive manner. Would definitely go back to him, and recommend him to others.
Samuel Sweney Jul 14, 2016

Very helpful
Kelson Warner Jul 14, 2016

Always a pleasure working with Adam.
Ernesto Rivas Jul 14, 2016

Adam was knowledgable and polite. I highly recommend him.
Gerardo Ouano Jul 13, 2016

Loved working with Adam. Explains everything and extremely knowledgeable. Gave ideas & honestly will work with him without hesitation.
Ernesto Rivas Jul 13, 2016

Adam was great. I'd recommend working with him!
Davis Jones Jul 12, 2016

Adam was very helpful and persistent in solving my issue. He seems very proficient in ReactJS. I would certainly recommend choosing him as a mentor.
Andrew Jul 11, 2016

Adam was very helpful and patient at going over Code line by line, he even paused the clock certain times to make sure I understood certain concepts i was having trouble with. My 15min session fixed hours and days of troubleshooting. Overall great experience. Thanks Adam.
David Hernandez Jul 09, 2016

Amazing mentor! Highly recommended!
Wally Jul 08, 2016

Great guy fast and really good at what he does
Leland Ulrich Jul 08, 2016

Clear, concise, quick and fair. Good dude, helped in a jam and was happy to discuss anything. Worth the money and would use again.
Jonas Jul 04, 2016

Fantastically amazing and fast. Will use again if needed!
Cameron Miles Jul 01, 2016

Adam is a code ninja.
Benny Jul 01, 2016

Adam quickly solved my over-engineered code and simplified it and gave me several valuable pointers about my entire JS codebase! Thanks!
Ben Koshy Jun 30, 2016

Adam provided excellent help, tips, and insight into my css issues. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with web development.
Jake Guss Jun 29, 2016

Adam assisted me with a very complicated, and time consuming, JavaScript issue involving JSON, jQuery, vanilla JavaScript, and WordPress. He showed grace even when we ran into multiple errors, which is normal when programming.
Matt Jennings Jun 29, 2016

Absolutely amazing
Lee Jun 28, 2016

Awesome mentor! Very patient and does a great job getting straight to the issue while explaining it in terms anyone can understand. Highly recommended.
Jake Hare Jun 27, 2016

Adam rocks, he knows what he is doing and gives you the help you need! I won't be going anywhere else for web development help and I recommend him to other users as well.
Patrick Garcia Jun 27, 2016

Adam very promptly understood not only the issue at hand but the code I used to articulate it. His solution was well explained and implemented so I don't lose the thread towards further iterations. His tone was amicable and available and he was open and honest about his own work ethics, which I appreciate. Hope to work together again.
Joao Doria Jun 26, 2016

Super-helpful with an automation script with Google apps scripts... thank you!
Eric Whitney Jun 25, 2016

Benjamin Gandhi-Shepard Jun 24, 2016

Great teacher and really smart. Solved my problem really quickly and gave me a few good tips. Highly recommend.
David Jun 22, 2016

He is a genius. He just solved our accordion issue within minutes.
Jade Jun 18, 2016

I came with an php problem and walked away with an entirely new way of thinking about getting at values in php objects. I now have an excellent new pattern to work with. Thank you!
mikiah Jun 18, 2016

This guy is like the shiny knight in armour that saves your from dragons(impossible software deadlines) last minute right before you think you were about die. 10/10 would have this dude as a teammate if possible.
Austin Akers Jun 17, 2016

Adam is a code wizard.
Benny Jun 17, 2016

Adam might be the best mentor on CodeMentor. Truly talented and generous. Adam really cares about his mentees and thinks deeply about their challenges.
Paul T. Jun 16, 2016

My boss is very happy with the result. He is truly an expert. We will definitely hire him again. Thank you, Adam!
Jade Jun 16, 2016

Extremely helpful! Worked with me until the problem was solved, and stopped the clock to have a quick chat in review. Will be working with Adam again!
Brian Deutsch Jun 15, 2016

it was a pleasure to meet you. had a good talk and also solved my problem really quick. thanks
smythu Jun 14, 2016

Natural teacher.
Paul T. Jun 13, 2016

He was quick, friendly and very helpful. I'll definitely use him again.
Ryan Hayden Jun 13, 2016

great assistance
Yoav Tchelet Jun 13, 2016

Adam was great! Very helpful, both with simple bugs and also in trying to help me understand and reformat some existing (messy) Python code
Sandi MacPherson Jun 12, 2016

Adam was extremely helpful to me!!! He has great hands on experience and technical expertise on majority of the programming languages.
Sanjeev Jun 12, 2016

Adam is great. He helped me to understand the problem, get started, troubleshooted my process, and went above and beyond to ensure I understood the concepts by offering to write me another problem or help me with another one of my own. He commented our code like crazy so I came away with great notes. Highly recommend.
Jennifer Noborikawa Jun 11, 2016

Great pairing buddy! Super knowledgable. Looking forward to working with Adam again.
Benny Jun 09, 2016