Wouter Verweirder, Actionscript freelancer and developerView Profile
Wouter Verweirder5.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in Kortrijk, Belgium

Lecturer at HOWEST

Collaborated on award winning websites during the flash era. Worked on enterprise level Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex. Wrote different open source native extensions to link AIR apps to native devices.
Cade Embery, Actionscript freelance programmerView Profile
Cade Embery5.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in Melbourne, Australia

Full Stack Developer and Designer

Have built multiple flash based websites for companies including Mazda, 20th Century Fox and others. I have built a full scale digital signage platform, with a photoshop like WYSIWYG editor and Adobe AIR Desktop and Android Projector for playing back the digital media. I have pushed the Adobe Flash Platform to the limits and have large amounts of experience with StageVideo and High Performance ActionScript
Benjamin Thompson, Actionscript freelancer and developerView Profile
Benjamin Thompson5.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in Parsippany, United States

Creative Technologist

I started using Flash right around 2004. I have most experience is AS3, a bunch in AS2, and some in AS1. I've worked on huge codebases with large hierarchies of OOP based classes and utility classes. In at least 3 full-time roles, I've had to learn, optimize, and redactor large AS3 frameworks from the ground up.
Jam inPie, freelance Actionscript programmerView Profile
Jam inPie5.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Designer come with Programming

If you building a game prototype, AS is the best tool and platform to perform the animation and game play. I working on the design and animation, with that I code all the animated and game play with AS 3
Ghazi Triki, Actionscript freelance programmerView Profile
Ghazi Triki5.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in Manouba, Tunisia

RIA Lead Architect & Developer

RIA Lead Architect & Developer
Dima Pilipenko, senior Actionscript developerView Profile
Dima Pilipenko4.4
Freelance Actionscript developer in Barcelona, Spain

Software Engineer

Made many projects in different difficulty, from simple video player to presentation editor program and gameification business applications.
Cliff Hall, Actionscript freelance developerView Profile
Cliff Hall5.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in Jonesborough, United States

Senior Software Architect / Developer

I began my career in 1982 writing assembly language for games on the Commodore and Apple 6502-based machines. Today, my focus is on responsive, single page, HTML5 applications, built with Angular 1.x, PureMVC, and Node. You can find my qualifications, code projects, and tech writing here: * http://bit.ly/cliff-hall-recommendations-fs * http://bit.ly/cliff-hall-resume-fs * http://bit.ly/cliff-hall-on-dzone * https://github.com/cliffhall * https://linked.in/in/cliff * http://futurescale.com * http://cliffordhall.com
Andrey Popov, Actionscript freelance coderView Profile
Andrey Popov5.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in Sofia, Bulgaria

10 years of experience in all kind of app development (web, front/back end, mobile)

Hi guys, I'm a developer for more than 10 years now and I've used a few bunch of technologies in order to do the job I had. I was doing web sites, back end services, casino games, mobile apps, hardware installations in malls, offline console games, etc. I love experimenting with new stuff and just get the job done. CTO for a few years now. I'm not here to make money - I just like to help you (you can check my SO page) if you're stuck with your project or need help designing it
Catalin Avram, top Actionscript developerView Profile
Catalin Avram
Freelance Actionscript developer in Munich, Germany

Front End Developer. Technology Fellow. Professional Geek.

I do front end development, currently focusing on the web (javascript & react) and keeping an eye on Hololens and Oculus. I love creating games and MVPs. I can create both games and business applications, there's challenges in both. Although back-end is not my expertise, I know enough of the full stack to get any job done.
sandru andrei, top Actionscript developerView Profile
sandru andrei
Freelance Actionscript developer in Timișoara, Romania
Experienced in graphic designing and flash programming with advanced computer skills including a good proficiency in Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Dave Stewart, Actionscript freelance coderView Profile
Dave Stewart4.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in City of Westminster, United Kingdom

Front end developer currently focusing on Vue and Laravel

10 years of building top-tier flash sites for brands like Audi, Sony, YouTube, Google and X-Factor
Henry Price, Actionscript freelance programmerView Profile
Henry Price
Freelance Actionscript developer in Ashburn, United States

Web and Indie Game Developer

I started my programming career making database backed web applications using classic ASP, PHP and Coldfusion. I have since started exploring my passion in game development and I have been working with Actionscript3, Node.JS, JQuery, and HTML5 to build a retro 2D multiplayer RPG and tools to help aid in development. I have a Bachelor of Science in Databases and Programming, and have a great interest in database design and interactivity.
Jonathan Brisebois-Lamarche, freelance Actionscript programmer for hireView Profile
Jonathan Brisebois-Lamarche5.0
Freelance Actionscript developer in Ottawa, Canada
I have held numerous jobs as a Flash programmer. Even though I don't work with Flash anymore, I still have extensive knowledge about this tool and it's language.
Tom LePage, Actionscript freelance developerView Profile
Tom LePage
Freelance Actionscript developer in Ashburn, United States

Professional full-stack developer

Full stack web and client application developer with over 11 years of industry experience. Diverse background - including developer, architect, and managerial roles - provides specialized and over-arching experience with all aspects of software development. Passionate about all things software - I love to learn and help others. Interests and specialties include algorithms/optimizations/computational mathematics, data science, machine learning, AI, game development, guitar, and music theory. Always up for a good challenge and love to learn new things.
Andrew Starnes, senior Actionscript developerView Profile
Andrew Starnes
This is where I branched out from Nokia and decided to work for myself. Have created countless number of games, many of which have achieved millions of plays.

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