Top Actionscript Developers of June 2017

Director of Technology

Sameer Maira has 10+ years of experience developing B2B products and immersive software applications across the Sports, Ticketing, HealthCare, Energy, Architecture & Entertainment industry. He currently heads technology at IOMEDIA, a digital marketing agency in New York City. Sameer has delivered several successful projects for reputed clients like GE Energy, Johnson & Johnson, TedMed, Sony, US Open, Australian Football League (AFL), NFL, New York Yankees to name a few.

Lecturer at HOWEST

>15 years of coding experience. Faculty member of HOWEST university. Also owner of a company called "Happy Banana," where I work on web projects, mobile apps & interactive installations.

Sole Member at BMD Interactive Consulting, LLC

I started out as a part-time HTML coder in 1997, since then have held senior positions in both the creative and development worlds. In 2016 I set out on my own as a full-time consultant, building sites for clients using Wordpress.

Form & Function

My goal is to create and develop products and platforms that not only provide an essential function but are as refined aesthetically as they are developed elegantly. I'm an Entrepreneur and Software Architect with a blend of experience as a Windows application, Web, and Mobile developer. My history and the wide array of different technologies in software and computers I have worked with since a very young age has provided me the ability to look at problems or challenges often times from a very different perspective. For Windows development I use the .NET Framework and develop solutions in C#, since its beta I have done my best to become an expert in Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation, and have developed many applications using both technologies. In mobile development I have worked extensively with iOS since its first release and on the Android front I have been working with the Android SDK since the beginning (Éclair & Donut). As for Web Development I currently develop my web applications and services using a wide range of technologies some of which include ASP.NET MVC and Node.js for the server-side and as for the frontend I use the traditional set (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) with an emphasis in expertise in HTML 5 (Canvas 2d/3d, Web Audio API, Local Storage, etc..) and JavaScript (Language, Frameworks). I strive to develop solutions of the highest quality both internally and externally while exploiting past, current, and cutting edge technologies. In addition to software development I am passionate about prototyping with new hardware technologies and am always looking for ways to gain traction in emerging or future markets through technology. Specialties: Product Development, Product Design, Executive Management, Rapid Prototyping, SDLC, Software Development, Web Development, SaaS, Cloud Architecture, Scalability, User Interfaces, Database Development, Programming, Graphic Design, Architecture and Composition.

Certified Web Developer - Frontend Developer

I am a Front-end Developer who has more than 15 years experience in Website development. I have fun with programming and website development. Helping other developers and solving problems are my hobbies. I also offer long term mentoring.

Front End Developer

Self-taught developer who's done a lot of different things (web apps, games, iphone apps).

Designer come with Programming

The Goal of mine is made users to navigate the application more easy and free. When I designing and developing, I focus on the UX more than UI. I'm graduate from art and design background, and I found out with some programing to the design, it made more easier to communicate with users. I start building web and some back-end programming, with that I took up mobile app development classes. And now I do help startup company building their web and app development, currently I manage all engineering aspects within the CDN division as before and collaborate with cross-country teams on product development.

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