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Abiola Ibrahim

Abiola Ibrahim

Software Engineer

West Central Africa (+01:00)
Software Engineer. Technically adventurous with a mix of geek, gamer and coder. Loves learning and sharing knowledge.
Go expert help Go - 6 years experience
I have quite a good experience with Go. I have used Go for web backends and cli applications. My github profile includes many Go source codes.
Devops expert help DevOps - 2 years experience
I have experience deploying web applications on multiple cloud providers include Amazon EC2 and Digital Ocean. I have experience with Apache, Nginx and Caddy web servers. I have experience with Docker containers including other Docker tools like Compose and Swarm.
Php expert help PHP - 7 years experience
Many of the web applications I have worked on have PHP backends and powered by Yii and Phalcon MVC frameworks.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
I have worked on several web application frontends with varying level of complexities. I write plan JavaScript and I am experienced with jQuery.
Java expert help Java - 7 years experience
I have used Java for multiple projects including standard Java for desktop applications and on few occasions, I have worked on J2EE using both plain servlets/jsp and spring framework.
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I version my projects using Git. A proof is the amount of projects I have on Github.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 7 years experience
I have worked on many web applications frontends.
Amazon expert help AWS - 1 year experience
I am familiar with Amazon EC2 and Amazon ECS.
No icon Google cloud platform - 4 years experience
I have worked on multiple Google AppEngine applications using Java, Go and PHP runtimes. I also have experience deploying containers with Kubernetes on Google Container Engine.
ishell 182   20
interactive shell library for creating interactive cli applications.
dockward 98   1
Port forwarding tool for Docker containers
Go Shell
caddy-docker 53   35
Docker container for Caddy
caddy-git 49   13
git middleware for Caddy
runcmd 42   0
Wrapper for cli apps. Write less commands.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

He knows his stuff, he was very helpful, walked with me through my issue, and made sure I understood everything.
Maxime Aug 29, 2016

Had an amazing session with Abiola. Covered the basic concepts of Google Compute and App engines. Deployed two whole apps to google app engine in the span of an hour. Left the session having a good understanding of deploying Go apps on Google App engine.
Hannah Koske Aug 15, 2016

Amazing session with Abiola. He helped me understand how to unit test external APIs by mocking requests.
Hannah Koske Jul 21, 2016

Very helpful ! I'm will certainly contact abiolaibrahim again.
Ran Zonis Jul 18, 2016

Tackled models with MySQL today. Gave a very informative and understandable walkthrough.
Hannah Koske Jul 01, 2016

Covered scaffolding go web apps in an easy and understandable way. Great go mentor.
Hannah Koske Jun 30, 2016

Gave an in depth yet simple to follow overview of templates and session in Go. A great golang mentor.
Hannah Koske Jun 29, 2016

Totally understood db drivers in go during this session. Abiola is an awesome mentor.
Hannah Koske Jun 28, 2016

Gave a great explanation on testing http routes in golang
Hannah Koske Jun 27, 2016

Gave a great overview of testing with Go. Left the session having a good understanding of it.
Hannah Koske Jun 24, 2016

Explained middlewares in go extremely well. Enjoyed the session
Hannah Koske Jun 23, 2016

Amazing session. Learned a lot.
Hannah Koske Jun 22, 2016

Great session. Abiola gives awesome help
Hannah Koske Jun 21, 2016

Awesome guy. Provides great help on GO
Hannah Koske Jun 20, 2016