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Abinash Neupane

Abinash Neupane

Detail Oriented Android Engineer

Kathmandu (+05:45)
In the course of time, i have achieved experiences in 1. Android enterprise application development 2. Multi threaded application development 3. Back end skills like SQLite, JSON 4. JSP, JSF, Servletes for java web development 5. Producing UML diagrams 6. Surface knowledge of PHP 7. Surface knowledge of Network protocols, routing What I want to do? To strengthen my programming skills in order to build innovative mobile applications that can change the lifestyle of mobile users.

Do you have some programming task to solve or you are really confused to make a first step to solve your programming task? Then I can definitely help you. I can write your program in c, c++ and java. Areas of Expertise - Linked List - Binary Tree - Arrays - Traversing algorithms - Many more

If you want to display google maps on your application so that users can navigate to the specific locations, then you might need my help. I can add google map to your android app. It doesn't matter what kind of android application it is. I will also add POIs to the maps.

Offline map are great ways to engage your users even when they are offline or out of reach of internet connection. I can help you to implement openstreet for a limited area and add POIs to it. The users can view and navigate the offline. The POIs also can display the information associated with them.

4 Java
Android expert help Android - 5 years experience
I've helped build three team-oriented apps so far, and one solo project. All three team projects involved using, and consuming RESTful API's, advanced Android architecture, caching policies, and troubleshooting compatibility issues across Android versions, and devices.
Java expert help Java - 6 years experience
Java EE, CRM Applications, Java Server Pages, Apache + Java Backend, Liferay Portals, Liferay integration, Liferay hooks and plugins development, JUnit Testing, Executable Applications, Hibernate, Spring
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 8 years experience
C++ is the first programming language I ever learned, so I literally have been programming in C++ as long as I've been programming. Though I am no Matt Austern (a fellow Googler who sits on the ISO C++ standards committee), I am extremely well-versed in C++ and consider myself to be an expert in the langauge.
C expert help C - 7 years experience
I use C for dynamic library interfaces, and low-level programming. I also program in opencl (GPU programming, in C99-based language) on occasion.
Hadoop expert help Hadoop - 2 years experience
I have been working with hadoop for more than a years now and I have learned many ways hadoop solves various problems
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Awesome mentor!
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Could've been better
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Solved my problem quickly!
Trevor Stanson Nov 25, 2016

Very responsive, professional, easy to work with.
Mark Solomon Nov 14, 2016

Good worker knows his stuff
Derrick Nov 11, 2016

really helpful highly recommend :)
amnah Oct 18, 2016

Very patient! Recommend!
Nghia Nguyen Oct 12, 2016

Highly RECOMMEND! He was very patient and helpful. :)
Svetoslav Anastasov Oct 08, 2016

He was awesome. He was very helpful and answered all questions thoroughly.
Mars Moon Oct 06, 2016

he is very helpful. Highly Recommend!”
amnah Oct 04, 2016

Very good profissional with amazing skills in Android/JAVA, I will definilty hire him in my future projects, I recommend 100%!
Felipe Ramos Oct 03, 2016

Again; another amazing job by Abinash, patient, skilled, and efficient. Highly recommended for anyone that needs help in any of his specialties.
joe Oct 03, 2016

Abinash was great! He was very friendly and made sure I understood every part of the program! I can't give more than 5 stars, but I would if I could!
Justine Sep 24, 2016

Mentor was great, very knowledgable and patient
Art Vassiltchikov Sep 22, 2016

Very helpful quick problem solver and quickly found a solution with me explaining very much.
Sam Sep 21, 2016

very helpful
Sam Sep 20, 2016

Abinash, did a fantastic job helping me with a project. His response and feedback were timely, clear and too the point. He is knowledgeable and reliable in his field and can be counted on to do it right. I highly recommend him if you need help for anything related to Java (that it what he helped me with). Thank you again, Abinash!
Codey Cooper Sep 17, 2016

I'm very happy with this mentor. He went the extra mile to help me! 100% recommend him.
Rose Sep 17, 2016

This guy was definitely top-notch, he was patient while I figured out some abstract problem on my machine and had solid communication skills throughout the entire session. Really impressed.
joe Sep 10, 2016