How I learned PHP

Published Aug 14, 2017

About me

I was a front end developer working with bootstrap & other frameworks. I wanted to learn full stack development & easiest way to learn was using PHP because of extensive course material & large community support.

Why I wanted to learn PHP

My motivation behind learning PHP is to become professional full stack developer.

How I approached learning PHP

I started my introduction from W3Schools & TutorialsPoint website. They are actually very good resources to help you understand theoretical as well as practical related to PHP.

Then i started searching for courses on udemy, completed one & started building small projects like chat system, employee management system etc for own use.

Challenges I faced

Sometimes i used to stuck between errors produced by server. Sometimes scripts did not work, so best help i could find was from error.log
It actually had all the errors & stackoverflow helped me in solving it.

Key takeaways

After learning it, i made several dynamic websites on upwork, was happy both financially & technically.

Tips and advice

If you are a starter & doesnt want to learn python / ruby then PHP is a good alternative, its easier to learn & has a supportive community

Final thoughts and next steps

I would learning OOP concepts of PHP & start working on advanced concepts of PHP.

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