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Aaron Saunders

Aaron Saunders

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Seasoned developer with extensive experience in cross-platform mobile technologies such as Phonegap - Ionic Framework - Appcelerator - IOS/Swift. Experience i jaavascript base web technologies for front end implementation and a backend javascript/nodejs based tech stack. Author of book on Appcelerator Titanium/Alloy
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
Company is full stack JavaScript shop using JavaScript technologies for mobile, web and enterprise development
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
Middleware API integrations and website develop with expressjs
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
Building native iOS solutuons with swift
No icon Appcelerator mobile - 5 years experience
Author of book on Appcelerator, former Appcelerator platform evangelist, founder of digital services agency with major focus on Appcelerator based solutions
No icon Ionic framework - 2 years experience
have been teaching a class on Ionic Framework and AngularJS to college level CS and Business Majors at a University. My company Clearly Innovative has been using Ionic Framework and AngularJS for client and external projects
parse-starter-ionic 97   31
Ionic Framework Sample Application Template with Parse.com Integration
CSS HTML JavaScript
ionic2-angularfire-sample 93   30
Integrating Firebase with AngularFire2 into AngularJS & Ionic2
CSS HTML JavaScript TypeScript
dcww 56   19
Ionic Framework Sample Application with Parse.com Integration
CSS HTML JavaScript
alloy_fugitive 52   38
Titanium Fugitive App written with Appcelerator Alloy
CSS Python JavaScript
ti-dropboxjs 44   27
javascript dropbox API for Titanium Appcelerator
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