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Gérald Gainant, senior 68k developerHire Now
Freelance 68k developer in Dallas, United States

Generalist Video game programmer

Demomaker on 16/32-bits computer, video game graphics network gameplay tools programmer on AAA titles
Mattias, 68k developer for hireHire Now
Freelance 68k developer in Kristianstad, Sweden

Coding addict since age 10 I now master many things

Currently Javascript is my dope, both in the browser and using NodeJS. I know many protocols, patterns, coding styles, operating environments and languages. I have partaken in multiple company startups, small and larger mobile device app development projects, and worked for many different size companies, including Ericsson, ManagerZone, City Network, GlobalFun, AllBinary and several others. I can certainly be of help in getting you closer to solving your problem. My vast experience and information gathering skills is a great resource to have at hand!

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