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Tom Clark, freelance  3.x programmerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Cambridge, United Kingdom

PhD in Fluid Dynamics. Experienced developer in MATLAB, python and Flask, with experience ranging from startups to heavy industry.

A test-driven developer with strong background in data visualisation, computational geometry, optimisation and an increasingly strong machine learning skill set. I also have the attention to tedious detail required to create logically structured, swagger compliant, intuitive and well documented APIs and web services :)
Gergely Kovács, senior  3.x developerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Ashburn, United States

VBA & Python scripting enthusiast, automation nerd

I am an enthusiast that has experience in process automation via scripting. My specialties are designing (architect) and developing VBA and Python scripts that help automate small to complex, repetitive tasks.
Brij kishore,  3.x freelance coderHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Hartford, United States

I am a seasoned Full Stack Python Engineer

I am a seasoned Full Stack Python Developer | Python Programmer | Python Engineer having 7.9 years of experience with global leaders including JP Morgan Chase, American Express, 3M Company Alaska Airlines and Cigna Healthcare. Recognized as a leading Software Engineer, I have a verifiable history of growth and expansion throughout my career. As such, I have consistently exceeded budgetary and performance goals and I am adept at achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure. Professional focal points include agile methodologies, team leadership, technology solutions, client relationship management, infrastructure development, and technical architecture. In my most recent role as Full Stack Python Developer | Data Analyst with Cognizant Technology Solutions, I heade...
ivan sabido,  3.x freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Mérida, Mexico

Python, Go and Nodejs Developer

My interest for computers began at age of 12. I received a Computer Systems Engineering degree from the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida (Mexico) in 2012. I hold a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in 2015. I made a research stay in the GAES group of the Faculty of Informatics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2014). I have several years of experience in web application development. My main areas of interest are: web applications, web application security, information security, data science, real-time applications and languages as Python, Javascript (Node.js), Go and C#. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge as well as research and innovation.
Darko Kolev,  3.x freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Skopje, Macedonia

My moto is get better each and every day

Open minded software engineer constantly exploring cutting edge technologies.
Sagar .,  3.x developer for hireHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Bengaluru, India

Apache Taverna Committer at The Apache Software Foundation

I am an open source evangelist and a passionate product enthusiast and believe in writing generic code, It's fun writing generic code once and then using functionality without doing anything. I have good experience in writing an android application in MVP architecture and believe in writing clean code. I Interned in Summer, 2016 under Apache Taverna (incubating) and open source contributor at Mifos Initiative. Now, I am committer in Apache Taverna (incubating).
Garrett Walker, senior  3.x developerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Dyersburg, United States

Likes to teach, game, guitar!

My name is Garrett Walker. I like to program as a hobby and I like helping other people understand fundamentals of Computer Science. If I'm not programming or tutoring, I'm usually playing video games or guitar!
Alexander Keating,  3.x freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Harleysville, United States

Backend Engineer @ WayUp

I am a backend engineer at WayUp, and I love software engineering. I believe in order to become a master at your craft you must have mentor, be a mentor, and continuously learn.
Dan Stern, freelance  3.x programmerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Corona, United States

Analytics at, Machine Learning w/ Udacity

I'm passionate about product development, venture capital, and emerging technology. I'm a serial entrepreneur, so I understand the urgency in building a product quickly to get it out in the market; working for a larger tech company, I also understand the importance of being methodical about your approach and ensuring that your product, program, or algorithm is running as expected. I love learning about code and how to build programs that work efficiently, and as someone who is 100% self-taught, am excited to help you learn more about coding in any way that I can!
Jay Liew, freelance  3.x developerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in San Mateo, United States

Silicon Valley-based Serial Bug Killer. I also tutor teenagers how to program. Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Full-Stack Web Development. CodePath iOS teaching assistant.

Since 2004, I've worked as a senior software engineer at publicly traded tech companies, as well as early-stage Y Combinator (venture investor backed) hardware and software technology startups in Silicon Valley. I'm currently a freelance / contract software developer for multiple clients, including GE (General Electric). I've also been a private tutor for 15 year old kids with zero programming background who want to learn full-stack web development with Python and Django. Email me for my full resume at
Deepak Singh,  3.x freelance coderHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Santa Clara, United States

Full Stack Java Developer

I am experienced Full Stack Java Developer and primarily focused on back-end and front-end technologies. Apart from Java I love doing programming in Python. I like helping and solving problems of Projects. I am always interested in learning new technologies and concepts and to help and learn from others.
Harshit Prasad, senior  3.x developerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Jaipur, India

Full Stack Engineer | Exploring the world of Deep learning

I am an experienced Full Stack software developer. I have experience in code debugging, refactoring legacy code, writing automated unit tests and deployment of projects on various platforms like Docker. I'm also currently learning and exploring the field of Deep Learning.
Arghya Saha,  3.x freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Gangtok, India

Python Lover, Full-stack Developer, Decent Database Knowledge, Startup guy, IITB alum.

I spend most of my time in reading about new technologies. Apart from my regular job at the startup, I love to work on small hobby projects which can challenge me and give some sleepless nights. I believe in discussion and planning before getting down to work. I think if the requirements are clear and we have a healthy discussion and planning , the project is 60% complete at that point itself, and for the remaining 40% you can always have faith on the developer that he would do it right.
Nebojsa Trumic, senior  3.x developerHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Software Engineer at Symphony

Senior developer with client facing experience on projects involving analysis, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems. Highly proficient in ASP NET MVC, Webforms, JavaScript, AngularJS, SQL, WCF, Entity Framework, NHbernate, Azure cloud platform, Python, Django, Flask, Amazon cloud services. Also proficient in, Agile software development (SCRUM), Design Software Patterns and Domain Driven Development. Comfortable in cross-disciplinary roles combining software engineering, software architecting, requirement engineering, IT business Analysis and project management.
Francisco José Solís Muñoz, freelance  3.x developer for hireHire Now
Freelance 3.x developer in Querétaro City, Mexico

Full Stack C++ Senior Developer

I am an expert in C++ developer, application and library design. Autogeneration of documentation compliant code. Porting of algorithms to parallel using OpenCL and CUDA, with integration on Cloud Computing using Python 3.x and Boto library. Writer of LaTeX documents and vector graphics design.

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