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Chris Dolphin, top 3rd party apis developerHire Now
Freelance 3rd party apis developer in Eugene, United States

Creative coder. JS and game dev | Love Chillwave and Longboarding

I prefer using an API before I start writing my own Back-end. Regularly use Soundcloud’s HTTP API, and the Google Analytics platform and their JS integration. Used both Parse and Realm as full backend replacements as well as for local storage management.
Milos Blasko, 3rd party apis freelance coderHire Now
Freelance 3rd party apis developer in Bratislava, Slovakia

Ruby on Rails freelancer with 4+ years of experience. Programming & startup enthusiast

Was responsible for integration with Facebook and Twitter in my own startup and during my time at
Bianca Gandolfo, 3rd party apis software engineerHire Now
Freelance 3rd party apis developer in Oakland, United States

Engineer, Educator and JavaScript Enthusiast

I have been teaching people how to become better software engineers or enter into the industry for the first time for the past 3 years at Hack Reactor. I have held many roles from technical mentor, web developer (internal tools), lecturer, job coach, curriculum developer, and product manager. I have worked with hundreds of students and dozens of projects and am excited to bring that experience directly to you. When I'm not coding you can find me creating curriculum and teaching for various non-profits and platforms such as Girl Develop It, Laboratoria, Pluralsight, Udemy, Frontend Masters and more.
Richard Wilson, senior 3rd party apis developerHire Now
Freelance 3rd party apis developer in Victoria, Canada

Full Stack Development Consultant

I'm a development consultant working for FreeRunning Technologies located in the heart of beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. I have core competencies in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Backbone.js, and Devops. I have prepared custom integrations with third party API's and have migrated large data sets to new technology stacks. From anything from basic advice about your data structure to determining what stack you should deploy on I'm your guy. I am also an active contributor to Spree Commerce and its' ecosystem and have extensive experience modifying, migrating and creating new stores using the platform.

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