Patrick Durbin, senior 2d developerView Profile
Patrick Durbin
Freelance 2d developer in Smyrna, United States

Owner at NR, utd.

Owner and creator of NR, utd, an interactive entertainment company with a plethora of genres of experience. This company has been developed from the ground-up with minimal resources and a strong determination for success across multiple engines and platforms.
Fahim Farook, 2d freelance coderView Profile
Fahim Farook5.0
Freelance 2d developer in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Multi-disciplinarian with over 25 years of experience in iOS, Android, PHP, SQL, and Unity. Also have some experience with Xamarin, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby etc.

I have been a developer for over 25 years and have been a mobile developer for close to 8 of those years. During that time, I've developed over 80 iOS apps, around 10 macOS apps, and a few Android apps too - some were personal apps while close to half of that were apps for various clients. I’ve also been a technical editor, final pass editor, and finally, for a brief period, the editor-in-chief at, the popular online site devoted to mobile and game development. I did a lot of work on their tutorials and so know a little bit about helping people to understand a topic :) I try to help people understand developing for a given language and try to show you why you should do something a certain way. Along the way, I also try to provide little tips and tricks which make your w...
Raphael Mun, 2d freelance programmerView Profile
Raphael Mun4.0
Freelance 2d developer in Seattle, United States

Tech entrepreneur with 20 years in software from mobile apps to fast 3D graphics and scalable server architecture

Hi, I'm Raphael. I studied at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and have worked at large companies like Microsoft and small startups, building everything from mobile apps to large scale server architectures. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Jonathan Weinberger, 2d consultant and programmerView Profile
Jonathan Weinberger5.0
Freelance 2d developer in Atlanta, United States

C# Programmer

A self-taught developer and the author of “Learn Unity Programming with C#,” with over six years of development expertise. My work experience includes Unity game development, creating private game servers, object-oriented programming, and developing compelling real world, enterprise Augmented Reality applications.
Ada Lovecraft, top 2d developerView Profile
Ada Lovecraft
Freelance 2d developer in Plano, United States

Creative Technologist with Pink Hair. Ex-Conformist.

I write code. A lot of it. And I've been doing so since I taught myself BASIC on an Atari 400 in the late '80's. I designed and wrote the games that were unveiled a long side of the world's largest arcade cabinet at E3 2016. Watching people play them was one of the best moments of my life. And I want to help you have that moment too.
Luis López Hernández, 2d programmer and consultantView Profile
Luis López Hernández
Freelance 2d developer in Mérida, Mexico

CEO en Mero Studios

Web developer / Programmer / Making VideoGames
James, senior 2d developer for hireView Profile
Freelance 2d developer in Tirana, Albania

Developer | Designer | 🔥 JavaScript Enthusiast 🔥

Rory Duncan, 2d freelance programmerView Profile
Rory Duncan
Freelance 2d developer in Chico, United States

Web Developer, Software Engineer, & Cat Enthusiast

I have a focused interest in product development—from a software engineering perspective. My other related skills are design, UI/UX, branding, authorship, and code architecture.
Szymon Piłkowski, 2d dev and freelancerView Profile
Szymon Piłkowski
Freelance 2d developer in Częstochowa, Poland

Senior JavaScript Developer, Game Developer & Creative Technologist

I'm an experienced developer focusing on JavaScript/ES6. I currently focus on React/Redux stack. I've worked on desktop/mobile/web applications, games, websites and tools. In my career I've been leading teams, conducting trainings, mentoring, recruiting and speaking at conferences.
Luís 'zeluisping' Guimarães, freelance 2d programmer for hireView Profile
Luís 'zeluisping' Guimarães
Freelance 2d developer in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Full Stack Software Developer

I'm an experienced full-stack software developer, working in a range of areas, some of which being game development, web development and desktop development, among others. My specialties are debugging, finding and fixing issues together with refactoring legacy code.
Wei Lu, 2d programmer for hireView Profile
Wei Lu
Freelance 2d developer in Manchester, United Kingdom
Eduard Bopp, 2d freelance programmerView Profile
Eduard Bopp4.5
Freelance 2d developer in Heidelberg, Germany

Indie game developer. Physicist by education.

I studied physics at the University of Heidelberg, graduating with a Master's degree. I specialized in computational astrophysics and have worked on exoplanet detection, statistical modelling of observational data and numerical simulations of planet formation throughout my studies. As a programmer, I am mostly self-taught. I have been doing video game and web programming for about ten years (not professionally though). I have recently picked up video game development more seriously as an independent developer.
Martin McBride, senior 2d developerView Profile
Martin McBride
Freelance 2d developer in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Owner, Axlesoft Ltd

I have been a software developer for over 30 years, working on a wide variety of projects, from one man developments through to projects with 20+ engineers.
Luke Solomon, 2d freelance coderView Profile
Luke Solomon
Freelance 2d developer in San Francisco, United States

iOS Developer

Phil, top 2d developer for hireView Profile
Freelance 2d developer in Pompano Beach, United States

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